Bhanu Kapil: 30 Poets You Should Be Reading

In honor of National Poetry Month, MFAW faculty member Bhanu Kapil was featured yesterday at Lithub as one of “30 poets you should be reading.”
30 Poets you should be reading
Congratulations, Bhanu!
And an added aside, we’re proud to say that of the 30 poets listed here, Eileen Myles, Claudia Rankine, Harryette Mullen and Amy King have all been Visiting Writers in the Goddard MFAW!
Here’s what they say about Bhanu:
“Recently I walked into a classroom where the amazing Evie Shockley had just finished teaching a class of undergraduates Bhanu Kapil’s most recent and, to my mind one, of the most challenging books of contemporary poetry published in the 21st century. I stood in awe of the ambition to introduce the rigor of this work to beginning poets. Ban en Banlieue, essential reading, stands at the precipice between what is present and absent on a printed page. I often describe Kapil as the kind of writer who doesn’t settle for simply writing the books of poems she intended, but rather their exoskeletons. That is, books that chart her radical procress towards abandoning, revising, self-realizing across fragmentation, self-erasure and the unsayable. Look no further for a poet to fearlessly interrogate self, displacement, decolonization, geographic and cultural memory. Her blog, her Twitter, her teaching—are immense resources.”

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