New Goddard College MFAIA Concentration in Performance Creation

batten bland
Bienvenue, Company SBB, 2017 – Stefanie Batten Bland, MFAIA’20. Photo: JC Dhien

In February 2017, the Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts (MFAIA) program inaugurated an exciting new academic concentration in Performance Creation. Twenty students—including actors, theater directors, choreographers, musicians, playwrights, and performance artists—elected the concentration in its first semester.
Building upon the interdisciplinary strength of the MFAIA program, the concentration is designed to provide a dynamic, collaborative learning context that blurs lines between authored, collaborative, and interpretive models of performance. It is designed to serve students who have established or emerging performance practices in areas of theater (directing, acting, writing), dance (choreography, dance, movement), music and sound (performance, composition, installation), spoken word and other oral forms, hybrid performance practices, digital performance and the intersection of performance and technology (including filmmaking). Students who successfully complete the concentration will receive a concentration notation on their final MFA transcript.
In addition to fulfilling (or as a means of navigating) the existing MFAIA degree requirements, the concentration requires students to:

  • Engage with the concentration for a minimum of four semesters of the five-semester MFAIA program.
  • Build significant creative work each semester, including experimental works and elements of one’s thesis work.
  • Develop a rigorous series of critical resource annotations.
  • Develop three critical essays.
  • Complete a capstone thesis.
  • Participate in at least two collaborative learning opportunities and a sequence of residency workshops.
  • Demonstrate significant engagement with artworks, performance, and theory beyond one’s existing cultural experience.

Concentration faculty include Peter Hocking, Gale Jackson, Andrea Parkins, and Rachael Van Fossen (lead faculty coordinator). The concentration is available to students enrolled at the Vermont program site.
Request information from Rachael Van Fossen (lead faculty coordinator) or Peter Hocking (MFAIA faculty admissions liaison).

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