More about Our Pushcart Nominees & an Invitation to Submit for Volume Six

Cover Image: Mark Rice

The 2017 volume of Clockhouse came together in a moment of sadness and anxiety for many Americans, but that sadness and anxiety fueled art showcasing what can be offered during times of trial.   This volume celebrates the true meaning of being American: protest, humanity, and freedom—even if those ideals wax and wane throughout our country’s fraught and storied past, art holds true.
Clockhouse is honored to put forward the following nominations for the XLIII Pushcart Prize:


Diana Wagman, “Small World”

Creative Nonfiction

Ira Sukrungruang, “Because, the Ferguson Verdict”


Paisley Rekdal, “Atlas Moth”

Sabine Bradley, “I did it to a man”

Clifford Thompson, “2014”

Diana Wagman’s “Small World,” set amidst Trump’s inauguration, depicts the hope a nurse finds after accompanying her homeless and ill patient on a pilgrimage to Disneyland.
Ira Sukrungruang’s “Because, the Ferguson Verdict” finds the need for empathy and power of forgiveness when up against the physical and emotional violence of racism.
Clifford Thompson’s “2014” meanders through identity and allegiance in the face of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Paisley Rekdal’s “Atlas Moth” uses myth and history to alight the life of a grown man with Down’s Syndrome.
Sabine Bradley’s “i did it to a man,” explores power and sex in the world of women of color.
Best of luck to our Pushcart nominees and many thanks for your words.
The submissions period for Volume Six is open until January 1, so please consider adding your words to those of our nominees and the other wonderful writers we’ve published in CLOCKHOUSE.   Guidelines and copies are available at our website.
Sarah Cedeño
CLOCKHOUSE Editorial Director

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