by Sarah Cedeño, Editorial Director of Clockhouse


Sarah Cedeño,
Editorial Director of CLOCKHOUSE

I write this in the final days of May. The upcoming issue of Clockhouse, to be released in July, has been long in the works, but longer than our talented staff of nonfiction, fiction, dramatic and poetry editors know, longer than our design and production editor knows, longer than my editorial eye can tell.
The first word of Samiya Bashir’s poem “Maps :: A Cartography in Progress” could’ve found its way to the page five years ago or ten weeks ago, but the life behind it started far beyond that. I might know the last word of Robin Black’s story “Arrowstruck” was written in the last month or so, but that story has been in the works for years, likely, decades, maybe.
The act of editing a journal is to witness what’s born on the page after an infinite gestation. How far back were these stories, poems, plays and essays realized as pertinent to the human condition? As long as we’ve all been living, I’d say.
Hold tight—the newest issue of Clockhouse includes:
an interview with Dani Shapiro
a folio curated by Bhanu Kapil
dramatic writing by Terence Patrick Hughes and Aaron Adair
fiction by Tessa Yang and Robin Black
nonfiction by Jacinda Townsend, Jeff Ewing and Anne Panning
poetry by Cynthia Manick, Lucas deLima, Tyler Erlandson and Cindy King
and a whole lot besides.
There will be a Preview Reading & Celebration for Clockhouse, Volume Four during the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat, and copies will be available at thereafter.   A reading at the Lighthouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat in February will celebrate the authors nominated for Pushcart and other prizes at year’s end.   Please consider joining us for one of these celebrations!
And a note on behalf of the CWC alumni community:

CLOCKHOUSE is the national submissions literary journal published by the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference MFAW alumni association in partnership with Goddard College.  Sincere and heartfelt thanks to Sarah and to all of the Goddard MFAW alums who are working on Volume Four of CLOCKHOUSE!  

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