Highlights from the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat

The 2018 Clockhouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat took place last week–here are a few snapshots!

Lead Steward Lucy Turner at one of the CWC&R’s evening readings.

Conversation during lunchtime . . .

And after dinnertime as well.

Editorial Director Sarah Cedeño introducing the Preview Reading of CLOCKHOUSE Volume Six

If you missed this year’s Clockhouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat, we hope you’ll think about joining either the Lighthouse Writers’ Conference & Retreat in February or next summer’s CWC&R–details can always be found at the CWC website.
Your CWC Board of Stewards,
Lucy Turner, Lead Steward
Dave Waite, Secretary
Maggie Cleveland, Treasurer
Brenda Beardsley, Steward at Large
Kathryn Cullen-DuPont, Steward at Large

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