CLOCKHOUSE Congratulates James Hannaham!

Congratulations to James Hannaham on winning the 2016 PEN/Faulker Award for Fiction!

DELICIOUS FOODS, by James Hannaham
DELICIOUS FOODS, by James Hannaham; cover image by Kara Walker

We at Clockhouse are thrilled to congratulate James Hannaham on winning the 2016 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction for his novel Delicious Foods (Little, Brown).    In his interview in the current issue of Clockhouse, James speaks about the all-too-factual bedrock of his novel, which examines the lives of Darlene, her son Eddie, and other human trafficking victims in the United States.  Without flinching, Delicious Foods explores forced labor and debt bondage, forms of modern slavery that create the appearance of legality, and can—all too often—subject the enslaved to armed surveillance, beatings, and threats of murder to prevent escape.  This isn’t a novel of despair, though.  As the PEN/Faulker Foundation noted in its announcement, “Hannaham is unafraid of the complex and the horrible, and yet his novel shines in its intimate details.”  Indeed, the novel’s questioning of love, hope, forgiveness, and the endurance of what we can only call the human spirit is never lost in the bleakness of Hannaham’s subject matter, but rather made all the more urgent by it.  Again, our congratulations to James on his well-deserved winning of the Pen/Faulkner Award and our thanks to him for his interview in Clockhouse.
In the next issue of ClockhouseEditorial Director Sarah Cedeño talks with Dani Shapiro about fiction vs. nonfiction, writing the book one has long avoided writing, Shapiro’s forthcoming memoir Hourglass (Knopf, 2017), and more.  We hope you’ll join us in looking forward to that, and to the rest of what’s shaping up to be a wonderful Volume Four.
by Kathryn Cullen-DuPont

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