Congratulations to the Newest MFAW Alumni!

Lighthouse by John Loo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

On behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference‘s Board of Stewards and the alumni community of the Goddard College MFAW program, I want to extend my congratulations and warmest welcome to those who’ve graduated in Port Townsend, Washington, during the February 2017 residency:

Sarah Beahan


Molly Dwyer


Cara Lang


Anna Martin


Emily Nelson


Aleksandra Panic


Kelly Quayle


Darlene Reilley


Judy Robertson


Angelisa Russo


Kristy Watson-Ables


 I wish you well in your writing lives, and I hope you’ll visit the CWC Alumni Association’s  to see the continuation of community we offer.  In the meantime and, once again, on behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference, my heartiest congratulations.


All best,
Kathryn Cullen-DuPont
Lead Steward, CWC Alumni Association


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