Goddard MFA Alumna Laurel Radzieski’s Red Mother to be Published by NYQ Books

Goddard MFA alumna Laurel Radzieski‘s Red Mother will be published by NYQ Books in early 2018.
Red Mother, Laurel’s first book of poems, weaves a love story told from the perspective of a parasite. This series of short poems explores the intimacy, desire and devotion we all experience by following the sometimes tender, often distressing relationship that emerges between a parasite and its host. Radzieski’s poetry is playful, though often with sinister undertones. Far from romanticizing either role, Red Mother takes readers on a tour of their own innards, exposing the hooks and claws of all involved. Following the parasite’s life cycle, the book blurs the line between science and poetic license to create a fantastical romp not for the squeamish. Although parasites are not known as conversationalists, Radzieski’s guest has a lot to say.

NYQ Books was established in 2009 as an imprint of The New York Quarterly Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to augment the New York Quarterly poetry magazine by providing an additional venue for poets who are already published in the magazine. A lifelong dream of NYQ’s founding editor, William Packard, NYQ Books has been made possible by both growing foundation support and new technology that was not available during William Packard’s lifetime.
photo credit:  Kassidy Evans Kraky


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