Ten in Ten: MFA reading at Elliott Bay

What is Ten in Ten?

This year, TEN members of the MFA in Creative Writing faculty are bringing books, plays, and productions into the world. You can catch three of them at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington, along with moderator and Goddard MFA graduate Isla McKetta. 

From the Elliot Bay website:
Two of the more innovative, fiercely intelligent fiction writers around – Micheline Aharonian Marcom, up from the Bay Area, and Elena Georgiou, out from Vermont, read here in Seattle this evening, both of them part of Goddard College’s creative writing program. They will be joined by local favorite, author extraordinaire, Rebecca Brown.
Micheline Marcom has read here before for award-winning books such as Three Apples Fell from Heaven, The Daydreaming Boy, and A Brief History of Yes, is back with an extraordinary, beautifully illustrated – even illuminated (Fowzia Karimi) book of dreamlike prose, The Brick House (Awst Press).
“Fierce, fearlessly erotic and always unforeseeable, The Brick House is charged with sumptuous storytelling and fits snugly on the shelf beside Calasso’s wondrous Ka.” – Rikki Ducornet.
The Brick House is a stunning accomplishment, a work of piercing beauty and visionary power. With spare, exquisite lyricism, Marcom lays bare the raw hungers, horrors, and joys of human life, as only the most enduring literature can. Extraordinary.” –Carolina De Robertis.
Elena Georgiou, who directs the MFA creative writing program at Goddard and has had a number of poetry collections and an anthology published, is here with a first book of stories, The Immigrant’s Refrigerator (GenPop Books).
The Immigrant’s Refrigerator is a quietly devastating collection of stories about loners, craving love and connection, trying to survive in a world where war is always raging somewhere and happiness is a phantom of the future. That these loners are Americans as often as they are immigrants and refugees is this collection’s greatest strength. Elena Georgiou’s voice is quirky and surprising; her ability to turn a phrase upside down invites us to experience the world and ourselves in a new way … Georgiou’s focus is on tipping a moment over the edge to find the broken pieces of our shared humanity.  And yet, and still, it is a celebration of life in all of its scars and joys, chance and invention, awe and longing to be seen, and, over and over, a testament to the tender, transformative power of acceptance and love.” –Rahna Reiko Rizzuto.
Rebecca Brown, also longtime faculty at Goddard, is the author of 12 books published in the U.S. and abroad including American Romances and The Terrible Girls. Her book, Woman in an Ill Fitting Wig, with prose poems by Rebecca Brown and paintings by Nancy Kiefer, was translated into Japanese by Motoyuki Shibata and published by Shichosha.
Isla McKetta, Goddard MFA graduate and author of Polska,1994 and co-author of Clear Out the Static in Your Attic: A Writer’s Guide for Turning Artifacts into Art, will host a conversation with the authors.
Co-presented with GODDARD COLLEGE MFA Creative Writing Program.

Important Announcement

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Current Goddard students will have the opportunity to complete their degrees at the same tuition rate through a teach-out with like-minded institution, Prescott College. Updates and scholarship funds will be available in the coming weeks and months. Information will be posted to www.goddard.edu

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