MFAW-VT Faculty Member Kenny Fries Advises SVA Students’ Project on Disability

Disable the Stairs. Disable the Stares. Disable the Barriers.

This summer MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries advised a great team of Master’s Branding students at SVA. Their thesis project, Disable the Barriers, is now up and running.
Disable the Barriers is an unaffiliated global collective that aims to provide tools in support of people and organizations fighting for disability rights.
We are not a social movement, but rather support an ongoing social movement. We seek to partner with, inspire, and provide tools to active organizations in the continuous fight for disability rights.
Ultimately, Disable the Barriers is an open-source toolbox for people and organizations that are fighting to remove physical, psychological, cultural, political, and educational barriers that prevent the progress of our society.

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