MFAW-VT Faculty Member Douglas A. Martin Interview

The Creative Independent, “a growing resource of emotional and
practical guidance for creative people,”
featured MFAW-VT faculty member
Douglas A. Martin in their Sunday Edition Interview

Here is a taste:
“My book began its life as a dissertation. My approach was something like “I’m only going to write a dissertation in a particular way. It is not going to be far afield from my subject and it is also going to partake in poetic criticism, which is what I do. I’m essentially going to practice what I’m preaching in the work.” After that I ran into a variety of roadblocks and differences of opinion about what it was and what it should do. There were people who would read this and say something like “This isn’t going to help us understand her. It may make you feel her, but not necessarily understand her.” That was an interesting distinction, between understand and feel.”

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