Creative Writing Faculty Anthology, “Alchemy of the Word” News from Kenny Fries

We’re pleased to announce that Los Angeles Review of Books has posted a selection by Kenny Fries from the new edition of our Goddard MFA in Creative Writing faculty anthology, Alchemy of the Word.   The book is available from the publisher website, GenPop Books or from Amazon.  This is how it begins:

“In the summer of 1989, I began searching for the words with which to begin speaking about my own experience living with a congenital physical disability, a disability I was born with for no known scientific reason, a disability with no medical name except the generic “congenital deformities of the lower extremities” — one way of saying I was missing bones in both legs. I took the initial steps of finding the language, unearthing the images, shaping the forms with which I could express an experience I had never read about before, so that my experience as a person with a disability could become meaningful to others.”


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