Brian with his partners

Brian Lyman (IBA ’15) is the co-founder and marketing manager of Cauldron Fermented Foods in Boston. Cauldron follows traditional fermentation practices, using salt brine in an anaerobic environment at the correct temperature.
They are currently marketing three products: Black and White Sauerkraut, Firecracker Carrots, and Dilly Green Beans. They also have prototypes for cucumber pickles, kimchi, curry carrots, pickled peppers, red sauerkraut, and Kombucha, and they plan to add mead.
Black and White Sauerkraut, Firecracker Carrots, and Dilly Green Beans

Brian has been experimenting with fermentation processes for much of his life. During his early college years, he collected berries, cherries, and even spruce boughs to brew unusual meads, wines, and beers. He moved on to making sauerkraut, fermented pickles, and kombucha, and conceived the idea of Cauldron while brewing a batch of mead over an outdoor fire.
In his final student product for his Goddard studies, “Fermenting Change: Harnessing the Power of the Modern Internet to Launch a Fermented Foods Start-up,” he focused on Inbound Marketing, a strategy that offers information and inspiration to draw people to a company. You can learn more about Brian’s work heresticker-shirt
Watch his home fermenting tour below.


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