The Mediocre Meditator: A Tale of Two Experiences

A friend and I went to a Meditation Workshop for Beginners. This was some time ago.  The workshop started at ten in the morning and ended at four. It consisted of  alternating periods of sitting or walking meditation, and then talks by the guiding teacher, followed by questions and answers.
On the long drive home my friend wept for her mother who had died some two months earlier and with whom she had not felt connected.  Until that day, she had not been able to grieve, had not even known that she needed it.  On the other hand, I felt like my mind had been scrubbed clean. I was full of energy and happy to do all four hours of driving. Daily worries, whatever they were, had vanished. I couldn’t even remember their shadows.  This clear feeling lasted about three days.
The moral of the story is perhaps obvious, but I’ll say it anyway.  Meditation, like mental health counseling, can help you move toward wholeness. If you need to weep, you will weep. If you need to stop weeping, then that is the gift you may receive.  Sometimes.  My mourning friend said later that by the time we pulled into her driveway she felt a burden had lifted.  A burden she didn’t know she was carrying.
And one more thought:
That mind-scrubbed-clean feeling–I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t that I felt worry slowly ebbing away, as the day progressed. Not at all.  In the morning I was interested, after lunch I was restless and grouchy.  The lightness and energy appeared as if from nowhere, I had noticed.  Like my friend, I didn’t know I needed it.

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