The DSM-5 Reconstructed by Expressive Arts Therapy Student Brit Davis

DSM-5 Reconstructed
While reading the DSM-5, I experienced many different emotions and contemplated why so many complex processes were all neatly organized into one publication. As an Expressive Arts Therapy response, I decided to reconstruct the DSM-5. After considering multiple meanings of the words “manual” and “disorder” (see definitions below), I was inspired to physically alter the DSM-5 into a self-revised version that I refer to as the Diagnostic Manual of Disorder (DMD). Included inside the revised copy is a DVD that displays a do-it-yourself guide to making your own diagnostic manual of disorder.

  1. done, operated, worked, etc., by the hand or hands rather than by an electronic device.
  2. involving or using human effort, skill, power, energy, etc.
  3. a small book, especially one giving information or instructions.

lack of order or regular arrangement.

  1. breach of order; disorderly conduct; public disturbance.
  2. to destroy the order or regular arrangement of; disarrange.

You can view my performance piece on the process in the video below:

Diagnostic Manual of Disorder: A Deconstruction of the DSM-5 from Brit Davis on Vimeo.

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