"Why I Love Goddard!" Juanita Martin (BA HAS '14)


BA in Health Arts & Sciences student Juanita Martin, entering her Level 8 semester, on what makes Goddard College special:

“I landed at Goddard at the ripe age of 51 with more college experience than a graduating PhD student, but I had not completed any one degree.  I had credits in various fields, from business management to fashion design to holistic healing.

Now that I had finally grown up and truly knew what I wanted to be, Goddard is helping to make that possible.  I began my Goddard education at Level 5 and now that I’m at Level 8, what I have learned about myself and my field of study is blowing me away every day.  This would not be possible in a traditional school or without the incredible faculty advisors and the mutual respect with which we approach our work.

I work for one of the top ten non-profits in the country, and they are attempting to define “innovation.” Goddard has not only defined innovation, but lives it on a daily basis.

This semester I’m setting up a Reiki outreach center in the under-served community of East Orange, New Jersey, for senior citizens. The work I have undertaken with my three faculty advisors has helped me make this possible.

The students at Goddard are there for degrees, but most of us are already working in our fields of study, and we want to bring our best selves and our best thinking to the forefront, and Goddard and the faculty advisors make that possible. Without Goddard, it would not be possible for me to complete my degree.  Sitting in a classroom is easy for some people, but that is not the structure in which I do my best learning.  I love independent learning, and I appreciate Goddard being there to make it possible.

Learn more about Juanita’s Reiki practice.

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