Aly Simpson (IBA ’14) joined faculty members Suzanne Richman and Bobby Buchanan at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) conference in New York City in November. Aly, who studied at IIN before coming to Goddard, performed and spoke about his educational experiences at Goddard in front of a huge audience of 1,200 people with 5,000-7,000 more watching it livestream. Many IIN students were moved by Aly’s words, and the Goddard table was teaming with prospective students. Click on the image below to watch the video clip.
Aly VIDEO image
“If you want to make a difference in the world, Goddard is the place to be.” Above, alumnus Aly speaks at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Conference.
Jeremy Brown (IBA ’08) spoke about his original research into men’s grief (conducted for his Goddard Senior Study) at the Undergraduate Outreach Event in Portland, Maine in November. Jeremy earned his Masters in Social Work and is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Associate Director of Residential Programming at Port Resources in South Portland, Maine.
Maggie Cleveland (IBA ’08, MFAW ‘11) has six poems in the newly released poetry anthology, Devouring the Green: Fear of a Human Planet. Maggie is Curriculum Development & Credentialing Manager at National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) and has been instrumental in developing a partnership between Goddard’s Undergraduate program and NEIEP.
James DeWitt (HAS ‘14) is working as a Research Assistant at the University of Minnesota’s Program in Human Sexuality for a project called, “Working with Transgender Communities to Assess PrEP Knowledge and Acceptability.” Most of James’ current research is related to health disparities and HIV risk.
Benb Gallaher’s (IBA ’00, IMA ’02) colorful musical career was featured this fall in Portland, Maine’s arts magazine, The Bollard. Benb was our wonderful emcee at November’s UGP outreach event in Portland, Maine.
Other Portland-area alumni who joined in the November outreach event include Sam Haverinen (IBA ’06), Marita Kennedy-Castro (IBA ’14), Ren Morrill (IBA ’14), Heather Westleigh (IBA ‘08), Corinna Marshall (IBA ‘08) Nick Barker (IBA ‘04) and Rijah Newell(IBA ’09). Faculty Suzanne Richman and Bobby Buchanan traveled to join in the festivities. Thanks to everyone!
Olli Johnson (IBA ’14) shares from Minnesota, “I attended the Movable Book Society Conference in Philadelphia in September. After hob-knobbing with paper engineers, illustrators, designers, and pop-up book makers, I was filled to the brim with wild inspiration. And then—- a dream came true. At the end of the semester I applied for a mentorship position at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and I was accepted into the program! There were close to 100 applicants and I was one of six artists chosen!  So, I am now part of a year-long learning and creative process with five other artists and mentors in a top notch letter press and book making studio!”

Moonstruck: A Pop-UP Book from Olli Johnson on Vimeo.

Important Announcement

The Board of Directors for Goddard College have made the difficult decision to close the college at the end of the 2024 Spring term.  


Current Goddard students will have the opportunity to complete their degrees at the same tuition rate through a teach-out with like-minded institution, Prescott College. Updates and scholarship funds will be available in the coming weeks and months. Information will be posted to

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