Shalefield Justice Spring BreakGoddard’s Undergraduate Studies Program is proud to co-sponsor the Shalefield Justice Spring Break from March 6-13, 2015. The seven-day training is being held in the Marcellus shalefields of eastern Pennsylvania.
Undergraduate Student Myrto Schwab was selected by faculty to represent Goddard at the Shalefield Justice Spring Break. Myrto has been working with other Vermonters to stop the fracked gas pipeline, and she is currently helping to organize the Round River Rendezvous Earth First gathering. A key part of Myrto’s independent study work has been studying the environmental impact of the paper industry and industrial forestry.  Myrto also studies herbs and primitive skills.
Thanks to Goddard’s co-sponsorship of the Shalefield Justice Spring Break, Myrto will be able to attend the week-long training and actions without cost.
The Shalefield Justice Spring Break draws on a tradition of related gatherings such as the Mountain Justice Spring Break (MJSB) and the summer programs hosted in the coalfields of Appalachia.
The Shalefield Justice Spring Break will bring together members of extraction communities, college students, environmentalists, and concerned residents who are interested in learning more about fracking, other types of extreme energy extraction such as mountain top removal, and other environmental justice issues. Participants will also learn about the history of resistance, and connect with current campaigns and projects.
Their comprehensive and ambitious approach to environmental justice makes us especially proud to be a co-sponsor. We are very excited for Myrto to share her experiences with us at the Fall 2015 residency.