Alumni News: Michelle Embree Interviews Sarah Shellow

Michelle writes: “The week has gifted me with numerous pleasures. The best being an opportunity to ask a few questions of a fellow writer and Goddard graduate, Sarah Shellow. Her words always give me a sense of healing and I very much would like to share them with all of you. Thank you and enjoy.”
It begins:

Listening to Sarah Shellow read from the early versions of her memoir Undocumented–which didn’t have a title at the time–remains a visceral memory. The lighting. The big room. The muffled coughs in the dark. I remember listening because I remember the story of two small objects very clearly.
It was two bottles of essential oil. I’m fairly sure one of them was Ginger. In Sarah’s story of leaving Cuba she is in line with her luggage at the airport when she looks up and sees the pain on the face of a man whom she loves and she rushes to him dropping the two small bottles containing the fragrances she wore everyday.
Years go by and I can still see the picture it made in my mind when she told the story that night. I can still see that room where we all sat to listen. Good story telling does that, it captures a world of meaning and experience in small images. Good story telling wraps the stick-to-your bones part of the story in a manageable package and gives it to you for keeps.

Read more at Cuba, Yoga, Love And Writing Memoir With Sarah Shellow.
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