Regional Alumni Chapters

Bay Area, CA Regional Alumni Chapter

Andrea Canaan, Bay Area Chapter Co-Chair





Joseph Nontanovan, Bay Area Chapter Co-Chair




Boston, MA Regional Alumni Chapter

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Rebecca Heimel, Boston Chapter Co-Chair

Rebecca is a member of the senior faculty and Program Chair for General Education and Multidisciplinary Studies at Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. She holds an M.Ed from Lesley University in Adult and Community Multicultural Education, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. She is also the Co-Director of US Programs for Step Up International, where she leads the planning, design, and execution of Step Up programming that furthers the organization’s mission to educate and inspire at the local level.



Patricia Shepherd, Boston Chapter Co-Chair






Los Angeles, CA Regional Alumni Chapter

Peggy Medina, Los Angeles Chapter Co-Chair







James Davis, Chapter Co-Chair




New York, NY Regional Alumni Chapter

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Amanda Lacson, New York City Chapter Co-Chair

Amanda Lacson (IMA, 2010) graduated with a concentration in Transformative Language Arts. She is the co-founder of FamilyArchive Business, a studio in New York City dedicated to helping families preserve their stories and offers photo, video, audio, and written services. The ethos of Goddard College gave Amanda the courage to forge her own path in the work world, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to bring the NYC community together.




Dechen Albero, New York City 
Chapter Co-Chair

Dechen Albero (RUP, 2001) is a senior academic + career advisor and part-time faculty in Global Studies at The New School.  He previously served in the Peace Corps in Moldova and holds an MA in Philosophy and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam and an MA and MPhil in Politics from The New School.  In his spare time, Dechen volunteers as vice chairperson for Global Youth Connect, a non-profit education abroad provider offering human rights programs in Bosnia, Colombia and Rwanda for young people and those young at heart.




Philadelphia, PA Regional Alumni Chapter

TJ McGlinchey, Philadelphia Chapter Co-Chair





Rosaleen McGill, Philadelphia Chapter Co-Chair






Washington, D.C. Regional Alumni Chapter

Nicole Oxedine, Washington, D.C. Chapter Co-Chair






Darlene Prickett, Washington, D.C. Chapter Co-Chair





Will Mallon, Washington, D.C. Chapter Co-Chair