Readmission of Former Students

Readmission of Former Students


This information describes the process of applying for readmission to any particular program in which a student was previously enrolled, but left without graduating from the program. If you are a graduate of a Goddard degree program planning to apply for admission to a different program, this information does not pertain to your situation. In that case, please see the general guidelines for applying for admission here.

A former student who has been out of attendance from any given program for two semesters must apply for readmission to the program in order to return. Readmission to the College is not automatic. All applications receive a thorough academic and community life review. Any unpaid student accounts must be paid in full prior to re-enrollment.

1. Complete a New Online Application for Admission

The application fee is waived for students who seek re-admission within five years of withdrawal from the College.

2. Application Essay

Write an essay describing the reason for your withdrawal from Goddard College and the steps you’ve taken to ensure your successful return. Graduate student essays should articulate the ways in which you propose to update your degree plan (ie, Study Plan as a Whole).

3. Transcripts

You must authorize the Office of Admissions to access your Goddard Academic Record for the purposes of a readmission evaluation. This includes your semester narrative evaluations and any progress review reports. Authorization is made on the Additional Questions section of the Online Application for Admission.

Order transcripts and other official records (such as CLEP scores) for credits earned since your departure from the College. These must be submitted by the testing organization or credit-awarding institution (i.e. college or university) directly to Goddard College, Office of Admissions 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfield, VT 05667. Digital transcripts or “e-transcripts” may be sent by the institution(s) to

4. Letter of Recommendation

One (1) letter of recommendation must be submitted in support of your application. We encourage letters from former Goddard faculty advisors or from someone familiar with the work you’ve done since departing the college.

Recommenders may submit letters of recommendation online.