Goddard College – Third World Newsreel Partnership

Opportunities for Third World Newsreel graduates 

Third World Newsreel and Goddard College have a mutually beneficial partnership that allows students who complete Third World Newsreel’s Media Production Training Program to earn up to seven credits toward an Undergraduate Degree at Goddard College, and provides media production training opportunities for currently enrolled Goddard undergraduate students. Goddard College will also award a $1,000 Partnership Grant to Third World Newsreel graduates who enroll in a Goddard College undergraduate or graduate degree program. 

About Third World Newsreel 

Third World Newsreel (TWN) is an alternative media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation and dissemination of independent film and video by and about people of color and social justice issues. TWN supports innovative work of diverse forms and genres made by artists who are intimately connected to their subjects through common bonds of ethnic/cultural heritage, class position, gender, sexual orientation and political identification. TWN promotes the self-representation of traditionally marginalized groups as well as the negotiated representation of those groups by artists who work in solidarity with them. Ultimately, whether documentary, experimental, narrative, traditional or non-traditional, the importance of the media promoted by the organization is its ability to effect social change, to encourage people to think critically about their lives and the lives of others, and to propel people into action. 

About Goddard College 

Nestled in rural Vermont, Goddard is a small college for plain living and hard thinking. Goddard is recognized for innovation in education. Its mission is to advance the theory and practice of learning by undertaking new experiments based upon the ideals of democracy and the principles of progressive education asserted by John Dewey. At Goddard, students are regarded as unique individuals who will take charge of their learning and collaborate with other students, staff, and faculty to build a strong community. Goddard encourages students to become creative, passionate, lifelong learners, working and living with an earnest concern for others and the welfare of the Earth. 

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How the partnership works for Third World Newsreel graduates:

In order to benefit from the terms of this MOU, individuals who successfully completed Third World Newsreel’s Media Production Training Program must submit an Online Application for Admission to Goddard College. 

Applications require an official letter of attendance and/or program completion certificate, that confirms satisfactory completion of a TWN program, in order to receive the benefits of this partnership upon admittance. 

Inclusive of Third World Newsreel work, up to 75 semester-hour credits may be accepted toward the Goddard College Bachelor of Arts degree through any combination of transfer credit and/or credit awarded through Assessment of Prior Learning. 

Schedule an admission interview/conversation with a counselor. Interviews are designed to better familiarize you with Goddard’s educational model and the expectations for student-designed, independent learning. 

Learn more about the transfer agreement and the $1,000 grants for Third World Newsreel graduates by calling 800.906.8312, writing to admissions@goddard.edu or by completing an inquiry form

How the partnership works for current Goddard Students: 

Individuals currently enrolled as Goddard College undergraduates may enroll in the TWN Media Production Training program for credit with the advance permission of the Program Faculty Lead, Assistant Academic Dean or Provost. This can be done as a “between semester study” or parallel with a semester. Students desiring to pursue this option will work with their faculty advisor(s) and the Program Faculty Lead, Assistant Academic Dean or Provost, and Registrar to assess the best way to integrate this pursuit into their study plan.

An image from El Pueblo se Levanta (Newsreel #63), a Newsreel production from 1971 Third World Newsreel (TWN) is the oldest film/video organization in the United States focused on the work of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color filmmakers and videographers, their stories, and communities. It promotes the self-representation of traditionally marginalized groups as well…

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