Student Emergency Fund Application

Student Emergency Fund Application



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Corinne Mattuck and Employee Sponsored Student Emergency Fund

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    I understand: The amount of emergency funding is limited to $250 per request. Students must have applied for and exhausted all possible Federal aid (with the exception of credit based aid) before receiving any additional aid from the emergency fund. The student’s billing account must be in good standing.This fund is considered part of a student’s financial aid award and in rare occasions, where receipt from this fund would put a student over his/her allowable budget, loan funds will be reduced. Although this is an Emergency Fund, recipients should be aware that a check may take many days to be received by the student. In most cases the award would be used to reimburse the student for out of pocket expenses. The Committee’s decision is final, although students who are denied funding may apply to the committee at another time during their enrollment at Goddard. Students can only receive emergency funding one time. Students are expected to submit a thank you note to acknowledge the donors who give via payroll deductions, contribute to the bake/craft sales, or make individual gifts, or use Goodsearch/Goodshop. The thank you notes will be displayed or published (without using the recipient’s name) to increase awareness of the fund and promote appreciation.