Program Competencies

The undergraduate competencies are central to the BA/MA in Psychology and Counseling program: every activity serves to advance and reinforce these skill sets.  Undergraduate competencies will be demonstrated as you progress through the program.  The competencies are degree requirements that reflect your ability to put your learning into practice, and reflect the common needs of typical employers of psychology BA graduates and of graduate programs of psychology and related fields evaluating candidates.

These skill sets are also aligned with the guidelines for undergraduate programs of the American Psychological Association.


Written and presentation skills effectively used to convey varied and complex information to a variety of audiences.

  • Oral and written products demonstrate the ability to construct coherent and organized expression that applies the basic mechanics of language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling).
  • Oral and written products demonstrate clear goals and support those goals appropriately (e.g., evidence from literature in the field, etc.).
  • Oral and written products demonstrate an awareness of and sensitivity towards the intended audience.
  • Written products demonstrate appropriate use of the APA Style.