You design a program of study based on how you learn best.

At Goddard College, we believe the most effective education occurs when it is shaped around the student. We emphasize individual needs and interest rather than a pre-determined curriculum. Study at Goddard begins with the interests and goals of the student. The college asks you to chart a path of in-depth and expansive study that has enduring meaning for your community and your own life, and that contributes to the advancement of research and scholarship in your area of study. The Bachelor of Arts in Education is of special interest to educators, parents, or community/cultural workers who seek knowledge in the field of educational pedagogy and progressive education.

We offer the following study options:

As educators and teachers, we are both liberated and imprisoned by our own education and schooling. At Goddard we create a space for you to rethink and trust a new paradigm of learning, first for yourself and then to support for others.

The hallmarks or our program include:

  • Problem-based, inquiry-driven, and grounded in social responsibility
  • Focuses learning on the student and their community rather than a pre-determined curriculum
  • Validates the students’ experience and builds upon their values and needs
  • Engages faculty as guides in the learning process, rather than as dispensers of knowledge
  • Focuses on the whole person, not just the mind

We encourage you to speak to a counselor or schedule a phone call with a member of our faculty to learn more. Request additional information.

Transfer Information

The low-residency BA in Education and Licensure program is a 120-credit program open to transfer students who have already completed approximately 60 liberal arts credits and who wish to extend their knowledge in the field of education to meet personal or professional goals. Students may be eligible to bring a combination of transfer credits and/or credits awarded for prior learning and experience into the program. This is determined through Goddard’s Assessment of Prior Learning process. Students just starting their undergraduate studies can begin in Goddard’s Individualized Bachelor of Arts, before transferring to Education and Teacher Licensure Program as an upper-division BA in Education student.

Degree Criteria

Throughout your course of study, you are expected to deeply engage with the criteria, working toward a full and sustained demonstration of them by graduation. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Education will have successfully completed the Goddard undergraduate degree criteria and will also successfully have accomplished the following:

  • Gained an understanding and actualized the essential concepts of progressive education; namely, inquiry-based learning, reflection and critical thinking, and student-focused curriculum;
  • Prepared themselves to work toward the creation of a more just, humane, democratic, and sustainable world;
  • Produced a culminating project in the form of a senior study in an area of interest; for example, curriculum development, multicultural education, alternative education, environmental education, critical pedagogy, democratic schooling, collaborative teaching, feminist theories of education, or authentic assessment.

Work of the Program

Admitted students are expected to have already earned 60 credit hours (see Transfer Information below). Undergraduate Education students earn 15 credits each semester and are expected to spend a minimum of three semesters enrolled in the BA EDU program. Once enrolled, you engage with faculty who allow you to begin your studies where you are, and help you discover your interests and goals. From there, your study plan evolves.

Educational resources vary from independent study to field experience. Many studies focus on a particular issue or problem. Creative engagement and the integration of theory and practice are emphasized. Within an individualized education focus, work may include studies in anti-racist education, alternative schooling, integrative arts, mediation, bilingual education, spirituality, and environmental sustainability, to name a few. At the end of each semester, in lieu of grades, you and your advising faculty write narrative evaluations that describe your work in a practice of authentic assessment.


Students can enroll in the BA in Education Program in two locations:

The Plainfield, VT Campus, offering the following BA degree options:

The Seattle, WA Site offering the following BA degree options:

Goddard College programs operating in the State of Washington are authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council. For more information, please refer to Accreditation and Approvals.