Goddard Graduation Rates

Undergraduate: 54%

Graduate: 79%

Percent of graduating students who complete within expected time or less:

Undergraduate: 75%

Graduate: 73%

Standard reporting data has most colleges calculating graduation and retention based on first time first year college students.  Because so many of our students enter with transfer credit, the standard four year graduation and retention calculations aren’t an appropriate measure of our student success.  Instead, we calculate graduation based on the number of semesters that it should take the student to graduate based on their initial enrollment level, and likewise, retention. Industry standard dictates that graduation rates are calculated at time and a half (i.e., 150% of expected enrollment time to complete their degree).

Retention Rates

Undergraduate: Overall retention is 50%

Graduate: 1st to 2nd year retention is 78%

Goddard at a Glance

Approximately 352 students, between the ages of 17 to 82, are currently enrolled in Goddard’s graduate and undergraduate programs.

The College maintains a low 7:1 student/faculty ratio.

Goddard students come from more than 43 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, as well as many foreign countries, including Canada, Ghana, Guatemala, Israel, and South Korea.

Approximately 18% of students come from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.

80% of all students receive federal financial aid.

More than 70% of undergraduate students arrive with transfer credit.

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