New Spiritual Care & Counseling Concentration in Psychology Program

New Spiritual Care & Counseling Concentration, Will Freeman

Goddard College is pleased to announce the new Spiritual Care & Counseling Concentration within the Psychology and Counseling program.

“In this new concentration, we are working to encourage and prepare future counselors to guide individuals, no matter their condition or experience in life. A unique benefit for students in this concentration is the possibility of pursuing licensing as a counselor, while having the special qualification to be supportive of those on a spiritual path,” said faculty member Dr. William Charles Freeman.

“The new Goddard concentration has been designed as a rare opportunity for someone with a sound foundation in the basics of counseling to gain specialized skills for accompanying individuals who choose to explore deeper dimensions of human experience,” said Jane Kopp, Ph.D., Director and Faculty at the Brooks Center for Spirituality, and advisor to the new concentration.

Students in this concentration will benefit from the broad, core base of standard psychological theories and methods, as well as explore additional resources for providing compassionate support to people undergoing crisis or change. Individuals grappling with difficult experiences such as marginalization or loss and grief, those troubled by difficult questions such as free will versus fate, and others dealing with existential tensions such as those between body and mind or tradition and progress can benefit from a spiritual component to their psychological care.

New Spiritual Care & Counseling Concentration Students

Students pursuing the concentration in Spiritual Care and Counseling will also learn ways to assist and support people impelled by human longings such as those for meaning, beauty, fulfillment, and transcendence. This program recognizes, as spiritual traditions always have, the teaching and healing potential of nature, of the varied forms of beauty, and of all avenues of connection with the larger whole.

“The Goddard Spiritual Care and Counseling concentration offers an opportunity to deepen personal understanding of, and practice in various modalities engendering meaning and spirituality into personal and professional experience. With many individuals searching for solace and inspiration beyond the purview of clinical diagnosis, the kind of insight and practice that can be gleaned in this concentration can be an invaluable asset in providing relevant, quality care,” said Peter A. Miller, D.D. (Hon.), C.A.S., M.A.T., President of New Thought Vermont, and advisor to the new concentration.

Institutions such as hospitals, prisons, community mental health centers, and community- based organizations have long tapped, and will continue to make use of, lay-led programs and a variety of professional practitioners to serve them.

Goddard College will begin enrolling students for the spring semester and is now accepting applications. To learn more, visit


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