Goddard College Launches First Graduate-Level Concentration in Embodiment Studies

“…a practice of exquisite awareness is revolutionary in its very approach.”*

Goddard College, a pioneer in progressive and innovative education, has launched a master’s-level concentration in Embodiment Studies. This concentration honors the intelligence of the body and its capacity for insight and liberation with respect to lived bodies, social bodies, and the living earth.

“This new concentration supports work in a variety of fields, ranging from health services and performance arts to anthropology, linguistics, and computer sciences. Embodiment Studies is not just for philosophers and psychologists anymore,” said Steven James, Interim Academic Dean and Chief Academic Officer.

Embodiment Studies

Embodiment Studies is an emerging, transdisciplinary field. Through engaged practice, theory, and embodied leadership, students work with faculty-mentors to design their own studies focusing on such areas as:

It is important for change makers to ground and grow their vision and work in the world. In the Embodiment Studies concentration, we support body practitioners (movers, healers, writers, activists) to discover and cultivate their unique voice and to develop, actualize and advance their leadership.

“Through Embodiment Studies, students learn to listen to and heed the wisdom of the body, and translate theoretical knowledge into embodied experiences,” said Ruth Farmer, Director of the Graduate Institute.

The Embodiment Studies concentration may be especially beneficial for people who work in the fields of yoga, healing, movement arts and dance, midwifery, trauma and crisis, end-of-life care, environmental education, social justice and other practices, projects, and actions.

For more information, visit http://goddard.edu/embodiment, call 1-800-906-8312, or email admissions@goddard.edu


*“When people know what they know they are untamable. And that is what embodiment studies teaches. Embodiment studies as a field of study, a worldview, and a practice of exquisite awareness is revolutionary in its very approach.”
~Sonja Swift, Goddard graduate, from Teaching for Transformation

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