MFAW Program Fall 2011 Achievements


The Alchemy of the Word: Writers Talk About Writing, an anthology written by members of the MFA in Creative Writing Program faculty, was published by The California Institute of Arts and Letters (July, 2011) and was launched at the fall Plainfield and Port Townsend residencies.  Our visiting writers and guests included acclaimed novelist Meg Wulitzer author of The Uncoupling and The Ten-Year Nap, legendary film producer Christine Vachon (Boys Don’t Cry, Far From Heaven) and award-winning poet Eileen Myles, author of Inferno and Chelsea Girls. The Playwrights Enrichment fund welcomed Todd London, director of New Dramatists and independent publisher Richard Nash spoke with Vermont MFA students about navigating the publishing industry.

The faculty, alumni and students of the Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing program are enjoying great success in the publishing, literary and theatrical worlds. Here are some of their accomplishments from 2011. 













Students and Alumni