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Academic Services Office

Academic Services Office

The goal of Academic Services is to provide the structures, resources and communications that support students in having an educationally rich and administratively seamless semester. The Academic Services Office, working closely with Program Directors, Enrollment staff, and Community Life staff, is responsible for the infrastructure of the academic programs, including updating and distributing publications such as the student handbooks, publishing the Academic Calendar and semester dates and deadlines, creating the printed residency schedule, maintaining academic content on the Goddard intranet, facilitating cross-program assessment processes, and responding to questions about academic policies and procedures.

Academic Services Office 

Plainfield, Vermont

Deborah Bloom   
Student Academic Support Coordinator

Port Townsend and Seattle, WA

Julie Miles
Academic Support Specialist

Washington programs served:
BA and MA in Education
MFA in Creative Writing
MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts