Personal Statement

Raised in the ailing suburbs surrounding Detroit’s sister city, Pontiac, Michigan, at a young age I found myself fighting to stabilize my creative and emotional sensibilities that turned hard circumstances into grand mythologies.

As a high-school push out, I was largely self-taught in dance, costume design, performing objects and writing. I relocated to Vermont to attend Goddard, seeking guidance on how to contain these passions, to apply them to efforts outside of my own sphere. My experience there left a deep impression and was formative in just the right ways.

The low-residency model was a perfect fit for me as a young mother. I felt nurtured/supported by the incredible faculty and inspired/enriched by the diverse student body. Attending all 4 years of the IBA programs was a transformative process that I have so much gratitude for.

Since graduating from Goddard in 2008, I have spent the past 5 years developing my skills as a writer, director and stage performer. Premiering in November 2012, I wrote and directed my first full length show, Orkestriska’s Box. A culmination of concentrations in ensemble, commedia del arte, silent acting, mask, parade and mythological studies, the piece felt like an amazing accomplishment and continuation of my Goddard process (that still lives on five years later)!