Personal Statement

Rose Friedman graduated from Goddard’s MA in Education program in 2011, with licensure in Early Childhood Education.  Since then, she has worked as a children’s librarian, workshop leader, homeschool consultant, performer, producer, and mom.

Rose is a second-generation performer, who has been working in theater since she was a young child. Her current project, Vermont Vaudeville, is the answer to a lifelong quest to bring high-quality theater to a local audience, and to make ‘em laugh.

Rose says of her time at Goddard:

“I appreciated Goddard’s understanding of my illogical and winding route to a degree. It is truly a place to create your education as you experience it.  The readings and resources that I was introduced to in my time at Goddard continue to shape the way I live, parent, and work.”

Rose performs with Vermont Vaudeville at the Haybarn Theatre at Goddard College on January 25, 2014. Get Tickets Here!

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