Alumni, Psychology and Counseling Program

Personal Statement

I would describe my Goddard journey as a watershed experience. There is no one event or moment which defined it as such. Instead, a constellation, or perhaps better stated, a tapestry of people, events, and academic opportunities and pursuits, progressively “grew” this adult learner. That growth was dynamic and multi-tiered. It was saturated with intellectual, interpersonal, cultural, psychological, and rich subject specific exposure.

My departure from Goddard College was bittersweet. I knew I would miss my Goddard family. However, confident in my professional competence, academic mentoring, and scholastic preparation, I embarked upon further study at the doctoral level. My acceptance in a doctoral program is a testament to Goddard’s staff and leadership, but especially to the Master of Psychology Program. While my questions were answered with patience and precision, the bar was perpetually lifted. I marveled at the encouragement and advice that lifted my own expectations of myself as I cleared each hurdle.

I entered Goddard with an overcast question: Can I do this? I left with a bright and promising answer: I can do all that and then some.