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Peter Donovan

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Real name

Peter Donovan

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Alumni, Trustee



Born:  Washington, DC, 1943

Education:  Goddard College, 1965 - B. A. Economics; Chartered Financial Analyst, 1987

Business Experience: Jones, Kreeger & Company, Washington, DC, 1965-66. Wright Investors’ Service, Milford, Connecticut, Investment Analyst, 1966; Managing Editor of ¬In¬vestment Publications, 1968; Assistant Vice President, 1969; Vice President, 1971; Senior Vice ¬President Administration and Finance, 1978; Executive Vice President, 1983; President, 1988-2002; Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer 1996-present.

Chief Executive Officer of Wright Investors’ Service since 1996; Wright Investors’ Service is an investment man-agement, advisory and service organization, founded in 1960. WIS exercises direct respons¬ibility for the management of over $1.5 billion in pension and other investment funds including mutual funds. WIS also manages the investments of institutional investors and bank trust departments, and provides wealth management services to individual investors throughout the United States.  Through its web sites and WIS provides investment analysis of 30,000 companies worldwide. 

Directorships/Trusteeships:  Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Winthrop Corporation and Wright In-vestors’ Serv¬ice, Inc. President and Trustee of five Mutual funds that make up the The Wright Managed Equity Trust and The Wright Managed Income Trust.

Public Activities: Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The School for Ethical Education, Milford Connecticut; Trustee of the Pequot Runners’ Club, Southport, CT. Former Trustee of Hall-Brooke Behavioral Health Services, Westport Connecticut and Former Member of the Advisory board of the Sacred Heart University School of Business, Fairfield Connecticut;

Author:  Co-author of Worldscope Industrial Company Profiles and Worldscope Financial and Service Company Profiles.

Societies and Clubs:  Member of the CFA Institute, The New York Society of Security Analysts, The Hartford Society of Security Analysts,  The Army and Navy Club, Washington D.C., The Union League Club, NYC, The Pequot Yacht Club, and The Pequot Runners’ Club.

Address:  Wright Investors’ Service, 440 Wheelers Farms Road, Milford, CT 06640. Telephone:  (203) 783-4400 Fax:  (203) 783-4401  e-mail:





People @ Goddard

People @ Goddard