Residency Site: Plainfield VT

Personal Statement

Peg came to Vermont in 1978. She had met a young man who happened to be a Goddard student while she was walking in a park near the suburbs of Tampa, Florida, where she lived at the time. She and the student exchanged addresses and corresponded for a year when Artemis, who was a poet, sent her a one-way ticket to Vermont with the words “SEE THE WORLD” scrawled across it.

At age 20, she quit her desk job, hopped the train and moved into a boarding house in downtown Plainfield. Two doors down was the red brick General Store which had been family owned for over 100 years. Newly acquired by two (you guessed it) former Goddard students, she was hired as the first hired help in 100 years.

One day her boss suggested she walk up and check out Goddard College, and so she did, signed up, and was forever changed.

She spent a summer at Cate Farm in the Social Ecology program learning to design and build a solar house before the world was familiar with the term, and taking classes with Dan Chodorkoff learning about alternative ways that societies can work.

She  met visiting author Noam Chomsky. She spent most of her time for the next two years in C-Basement where the dark room resided, learning not just photography, but how to see and think about things with artist and teacher Jeff Weiss.

After college, she milked cows, worked at the now closed Horn of the Moon Cafe, and dressed hair, but mostly spent time playing music professionally in her various rock bands, known as “Peg Tassey and Proud of It,” “The Velvet Ovum Band” and “The Kissing Circle.”

Peg recently worked as the music collector for The Vermont Movie Project, and is currently curating “Rural Revolution: Exhibition of 70s Era Art Student and Faculty Photography” pulling together over 20 alumni from the entire decade, many of whom are still making art. The exhibit will be part of Goddard’s 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Peg lives happily on a pond digging potatoes with her husband, the cellist Indigo Ruth-Davis, and their daughter, college student supreme Audrey Sunshine.