Alumni, MFA in Creative Writing Program

Personal Statement

Focusing on the memoir genre during my four semesters at Goddard, I worked with three faculty advisors. They were accessible, insightful, knowledgeable, encouraging and skilled at providing the specific literary tools and feedback I needed to move forward with my writing. At the residencies I was exposed to the fertile breadth of the entire faculty. The academic rigor was intense and engaging. For a week each semester, it was total immersion in the craft and life of writing. Interactions with other students, many who are now close friends, were also lively, as we supported each other in our growth to become better writers. Conversations in the cafeteria were often as instructive as those in the workshops. At Goddard I have never worked so hard or enjoyed school so much. The program was exactly right for me – transformative on many levels. I gained confidence in myself and joy in my skills as a writer, not just in an academic way, but with validation to the authentic core of my being. I graduated at age 58 with a fresh horizon. Contemplating a low residency MFA as an adult is a multi-layered decision.  I welcome inquiries and conversations with prospective students!