Alumni, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Personal Statement

My focus turned out to be on relationships. I studied the relationship of art to society, my relationship to other artists both contemporary and historical. I looked at my relationship to my parents who were both visual artists as well as how I related to other textile artists. I was seeking to deepen both my understanding of how I connected to art and why that connection was important to me. Once I moved beyond needing some comparative or evaluative feedback, the mentoring relationships proved interesting and insightful. Having a mentor as opposed to a “teacher” is a fantastic learning experience in itself. Very rewarding is my summation. I learned so much during the residencies as I used this packed series of days to see and do as much as I could. The residencies were a time of incredible growth and change as I worked to actualize the ideas that had been informing my packets and physically to manifest the changes about which I had written. A hothouse experience. Goddard was a fantastic experience and very liberating for me. It is an environment where I could take risks in ways I had not found possible elsewhere. As a result of my experience I am involved with thinking creatively, open to a broader range of possibilities and secure in what I value and why. My definition of success has been altered forever. Please feel free to call me, write me or email me if you are interested in learning more about my experience at Goddard.