Upon finishing high school I wanted to experience the world, organize demonstrations, and learn to live on my own. I had a lot of passion, but didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At that point it didn’t make sense to me to go straight into college and formulate a plan to live in a world I had no experience in. I wanted to get out of the bubble.

I worked as a landscaper for eight years while continuing the prison justice/prison abolition work that I’m very passionate about. At a certain point I knew the time was right to go to college. I wanted to study international histories and I wanted to do it within a context that allowed me to live an engaged life while I was working on my degree. Goddard was a perfect fit. My experience at Goddard pushed my learning abilities and changed my perspective. I’d love to talk to prospective students about all of the possibilities and share my own Goddard experience.