Alumni, Bachelor of Arts in Education, MA in Education

Personal Statement

Hi! Chances are, if you’re reading these bios, you have questions. I would love to talk to you to help you answer some of those questions as you consider Goddard! At Goddard I wanted to focus on gender studies within music education. I wanted to understand the relationship between the gender of a student and their musical instrument choice. I also needed to complete a masters degree to further my career in education. Goddard was a place that fit my lifestyle. I was part of the first group of students in the 3/4 time degree. Instead of 12 credits a semester, I would earn 9. It took me a total of four semesters to complete my degree. The big advantage I found about this new program was that I could just attend the summer residency and not the winter residency. I could not take a week out of work to go to the winter residency, so the part-time program worked wonders. In place of the winter residency, part-time students attended the July Institute for Progressive Educators immediately following the summer residency. The only downside of the part-time program was NOT going to the winter residency! At the July Institute, we were allowed to bring forth specific challenges and issues in our own teaching to dissect before a smaller group of experienced educators. I was able to connect with other teachers around the country who weren’t necessarily in the Goddard program, but came to the week-long workshop for professional development and enrichment. I was able to explore how to bring a more progressive, holistic approach to my teaching within a traditional public school setting. I found my time at Goddard to be extremely rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling.The residencies are the highlight of the program. The openness, support, and flexibility is immense. Within one week you grow as an individual thinker, planner, and optimist. My faculty advisor was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable, caring, helpful, and reassuring. The residencies allowed everyone to be a part of a study group where we would build, tear apart, rebuild, and critique our plan for the upcoming semester, and in my case, the upcoming year. When you hear the phrase, “Trust the process,” they mean it. I look back on my time at Goddard with a strong sense of accomplishment, pride, and optimism. I have lasting friendships that started at Goddard. I bring my own research and the “Goddard experience” I had into my classroom everyday. We are fortunate to have a place like Goddard to push the envelope for more progressive, holistic education. Please consider Goddard. I would love to talk with you!!