Personal Statement

The flexible nature of the MA in Individualized Studies program at Goddard allowed me to integrate my love of speculative fiction, cultural studies, and human nature and develop it into a viable, academic pursuit. My thesis consisted of a completed novel and an extensive context paper that argued speculative fiction as having a significant role as a critic of dominant western culture. The residencies at Goddard were always stimulating and were integral to the development of my study plan. The friends I met there and the seminars offered provided continual opportunities for me to refine my study goals and consider alternative views. Working so closely with faculty allowed the exchange of ideas to flow in a very organic and individualized manner. All the faculty I had the privilege of working with, though willing to impart their knowledge, always made me feel as though we were learning from each other as well. My experience at Goddard changed the way I see and know the world. It has also helped me to organize and articulate the knowledge and passion I have into a meaningful and effective finished product. I look forward to speaking with you soon!