Personal Statement

George & Jane Ansley both graduated from the BA Residential Undergraduate Program in 1951. They live in Port Townsend, Washington, and tell us here why they give to Goddard.

“My Goddard education taught me to think critically, that’s why I was hired at Boeing, why they invested in my technical training and why I worked on large scale breakthrough projects…” – George F. Ansley (BA RUP ’51)

“Goddard taught me to question.  I didn’t realize how unique that was until I was in a seminar with 100 students at a large university.  I asked a question one day and there was an audible gasp in the room.  Apparently, you weren’t supposed to ask the professor a question. At Goddard, we were expected to be actively involved in the learning process.”  -Jane Ansley (BA RUP ’51)

“We don’t give out of obligation, we give because we want to.  Our Goddard education has given us opportunities our whole lives.  We want to help someone else with their education, to give them the opportunities we had.”

“Join us in making a gift to Goddard.”

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