Personal Statement

The mantra of Goddard College, “Trust the Process,” began for me during my first telephone interview with an advisor after I submitted my application for enrollment.  I was looking for a graduate school that would not only accommodate my continued studies in researching exceptional human experiences, but would also accommodate and honor my personal life as well.

Goddard College was the perfect fit for me, a woman in her mid-fifties, who was told 10 years prior by a neurologist regarding injuries sustained in a car accident, that I would never finish my college studies.  With the guidance of supportive faculty members who recognized my determination to fulfill my dreams and succeed in all aspects of my own “exceptional human experience,” I proudly completed my Individualized Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies.

With this degree come the tools and experiences to assist others to consider the challenges one may face along the journey toward their dreams and all it encompasses.  Goddard College was the guiding light that helped me to stay “illuminated” and believe in myself both academically and personally.  The roots of my connections to Goddard run deep and the family tree continues to branch out to this day as I stay in touch with faculty and colleagues.