Trustee Emeritus


Bachelor of Arts, Goddard College
MEd in Counseling, University of Vermont

Personal Statement

Clo Pitkin is the daughter-in-law of Goddard’s founding president. She married Royce “Tim” Pitkin’s son, Belmont. Over the years she has had many roles at the College (student, staff, faculty, friend, and trustee). Student from 1949-1953 After graduation, Tim Pitkin hired her to help survey the upper Winooski valley as part of Title I Grant. The work involved surveying the upper Winooski valley to collect data about people’s knowledge of social services. Clo, with the help of Ellen Pitkin, organized and helped run educational conferences at Goddard throughout the 1960s. Graduated from UVM in 1969 with her MEd in Counseling. Director/Advisor of Commuting Adult Program at Goddard College-1968-1969 *The Commuting Adult Program preexisted the ADP program at Goddard. Goddard College-Education faculty, for both RUP and ADP. CCV-1970-1978. Worked with Peter Smith, CCV’s first President, to help get CCV started. While there she helped set up the advising program and designed degree programs, working with low-income people to devise ways for them to continue their education. Goddard College, Associate Director of Admissions, early 1980s. Founder and Director of Woman Centered, 1987-1993. Woman Centered was a woman’s organization who gave workshops to 1,300 women every year. They counseled and supported women, helped them access resources, etc. They worked with Governmental Commission on women, rented a house that also held a Domestic Violence Program and Sexual Assault and Crisis Team. When Battered Women’s Services almost went bankrupt they also moved into the house. It became a place where all the women’s stuff was happening in Central Vermont. Director of Community Services, Central Vermont Community Action. (1993-2000?) Helped to create and implement PIP (People in Partnerships) , a program which sought to simplify and integrate the social services available to low-income people. The state began to take integrate some of the innovations that PIP had come up into the larger social services and governmental system. Goddard Renaissance Committee, 2002-2003. Co-founder of Vermont Peace Academy, 2002. Goddard College Board of Trustees, 2003-Present. *Clo also had a private therapy practice, usually with about three clients, for much of this time.