Personal Statement

As I update this narrative in early 2009, I ask whether I still feel as optimistic toward Goddard College as I did when I was completing my BA in 2003. Without hesitation, I answer that the IBA Program profoundly affected me and continues to have positive impact on my life. I studied creative writing, women’s history and feminism. I could not have been happier with the school, from its administration, to the campus, to the advisors and fellow students. Even those advisors with whom I did not formally study were helpful to me when I had questions that pertained to their particular interests and expertise. The residencies were busy and productive. I always looked forward to them. Even with the busy schedule, I made time to write and to explore the campus, the library and downtown Plainfield. My final IBA product was a novel with a creative process paper. Often, when I talk to prospective Goddard students, they express concern about having time to “go to school.” Here is my answer. If you want to make the time, you will have the best times of your life because you will be involved in a program that has far-reaching and long-term impact on the way you act and react, on the way you go about living. When I did the IBA, I was a single mother, full-time employee and freelancer. It all worked out and I was able to get the packet work done. In fact, I enjoyed the packet work. The Goddard community taught me to how to engage with the beautiful and limitless possibilities that result from rigorous, critical engagement and experimentation, from reaching beyond one’s current ideologies and practices to experience personal and professional growth. Please, if you have questions or concerns send me an email.