Casey Orr (BA GV ’90) graduated from Goddard College in 1990. She now lives in England where she works as an artist, photographer, researcher and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University. She hold a PhD in photography.

Her work has been shown most recently at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, and on the walls of HM Prison Leeds, the first time the walls of a prison have been used as a space for art. Her recent work can be seen at

In October 2013, Casey came back to the Goddard campus in Plainfield, Vermont, and hosted a community-based art project as part of the 150th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend. She photographed alumni attending the weekend celebrations and produced an impromptu exhibition. The exhibition was unscripted and playfully weaved portraiture into themes of Homecoming, Pilgrimage and Returning.