Personal Statement

As a trumpeter, composer, arranger and band leader, multi-instrumentalist Brian Boyes (BA RUP ’95, MA EDU ’11) has worked in Vermont for the past 18 years. As a member of a variety of award wining ensembles including the national touring jazz-funk act, viperHouse, he has been recognized for his soulful and intense approach to his trumpet.

Under his leadership the group TALA was recognized internationally for its hybrid blend of world music and jazz. Tala was a featured act of both the Flynn Space Vermont Artist Series and the Discover Jazz Festival. He also  works with The 35th Parallel Mediterrasian Jazz Ensemble.

As an educator, Brian Boyes has twice received special recognition from the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education for his unique and creative approach to music education at Cabot School.

He has shared the stage with artists such as Lester Bowie, Trey Anastasio, John Sinclair, Jody Diamond, Josh Roseman, Michael Ray, and Marshall Allen. He currently co-leads and plays trumpet with Movement Of The People: The Fela Kuti Project.

Brian holds two degrees from Goddard College: BA in Music Performance & Composition (minor in Ethnomusicology); MA in Education (Infusing Performing Arts into Project Based Learning).

In December of 2012, Brian came back to Goddard leading the Saturn People’s Sound Collective in concert as the featured alumni spotlight for the Goddard College/WGDR Concert Series. Scroll below to watch the video. The concert was a hit, and since then, Saturn People’s have moved on to bigger venues such as the 2013 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival with a June 4th show at the Flynn Space.

Read an excerpt from Brian’s blog all about his experience at Goddard and his new band, the Saturn People’s Sound Collective, below:

“Nearly 20 years ago, I arrived in Plainfield reeling from the confines of the music conservatory experience.  Convinced that I was done with music for good, he landed into the free-form unknown of Goddard College.

“Despite my best intentions to avoid music, I was instantly drawn to Don Glasgo’s Jazz Workshop group study where I was introduced to Sun Ra for the first time.  Despite my having come up in Philadelphia just a few miles from the Arkestra’s Germantown home I had never heard of Sun Ra and knew nothing of the joyful noise regularly created by his creative music Arkestra for over 25 years.  Through Don’s gentle and subtle tutelage,  I was able to shed the notions of “right and wrong” in music.

“It was in the basement of the Goddard College music building and on the stage of the Haybarn Theatre that I was able to decipher my own musical voice and know that it was okay to do so.

“Life seems to be about full circles spirals.  Exactly 20 years later I am honored to have my new 20-piece musical project, The Saturn People’s Sound Collective premiere Goddard College’s latest artistic incubator  – Goddard College Concert’s The Local Spotlight.  Once again Goddard seems to be the creative catalyst furthering and supporting my musical path.”