The Graduate Institute
Residency Site: Plainfield VT



Bindu Panikkar holds a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Environmental Health and Research Ethics at the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute at the Northeastern University and is a Howard Hughes Fellow in the Science Technology and Society Program at Brown University.

At Brown, she also coordinated the Community Outreach and Translation Core of the Children’s Environmental Health Center and the Community Outreach Core of the Brown University Superfund Research Program. Her current research interests include the social and political challenges involved in the continued operation of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station past its design life and the governance of science and technology in the permitting process of industrial-scale resource extraction in Alaska.

Her prior research work and publications include: reflexive research ethics in fetal tissue xenotransplantation research, occupational health issues among immigrant workers in Massachusetts, the ethics of uranium mining research, and the teratogenic effects of depleted uranium.


PhD in Environmental Health and MA/MS in Environmental Policy and Planning/Environmental Health from Tufts University.