MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
Residency Site: Plainfield VT

Personal Statement

Ben Matchstick is a student in the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program. He is a cardboard artist, performer, director, puppeteer, father, and geek, and the founder of the Cardboard Teck Instantute. He resides in Vermont.

Some of his current projects include: HADESTOWN, a Folk Opera in collaboration with Anais Mitchell and Michael Chorney; and The the Randomizojustificator, an interactive cardboard art exhibit at Goddard’s 150th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend.

About The the Randomizojustificator:

This is it! The marbleous, oracular contraption known only as the Randomizojustificator!  This monument of assemblage will give you instant quandary relief through its near-instant Randomizojustification powers.  Unlike divination, the Randomizojustificator will not predict the future.  And unlike vending machines, it does not exchange currency for snacks.  This is the newest appliance for the modern thinking person- the only one that will give you that instant dose of moveonitude or a steady supply of sitightednest.  If you are not satisfied with your Randomizojustification, you may wait a moment and receive another one, free of charge.    Based on the ancient Sumerian design, 2000 BC (before cardboard).  “Does it work?” You ask.  Would you?  If you were Randomizojustificating like this all the time?  Don’t complain it or explain it!  Randomizo-justificate it!  Paid for by the Cardboard Teck Instantute’s Founding Professor Ben t. Matchstick.  Donations Welcome.