Personal Statement

Andrea Leebron-Clay is currently vice-president and partner in Regency Pacific, Inc., which provides senior residential services in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Hawaii. Trained as a Gerontological Nurse Specialist with additional credentials in physical rehabilitation, Ms. Clay has teamed with her husband, James, to focus Regency Pacific’s corporate culture on the maximization of human potential, whether for residents or employees. She has implemented innovative programs focused on physical and cognitive rehabilitation including participation with the National Institutes of Health in programs for prevention and treatment of incontinence. Projects recognized by the National League for Nursing include rapid physical assessment strategies and nursing algorhythms for accelerated rehabilitation of common geriatric diagnoses.

Leebron-Clay received an MFA in Creative Writing in 2002 and an MA in Sustainable Business & Communities in 2009 from Goddard College.
Philanthropic activities include board memberships for Sustainable Connections, a local organization that serves as a national model for sustainable local living economies and  Project Education, an NGO co-founded by Leebron-Clay to foster sustainable communities and education in Kenya. The Clay Foundation and ClayforEarth are vehicles which also provide consulting and support for a wide variety of both animal welfare and sustainable development projects. When not otherwise engaged, Ms. Leebron-Clay creates documentaries to advance not-for-profit organizations.

The Clays have seven living children, ten grandchildren, and four very spoiled dogs that share space with the ever-present orphaned cats.