Bachelor of Arts in Education
Residency Site: Seattle WA

Personal Statement

Alex is currently pursuing a BA degree in Education with a concentration in Community Education. Alex has been supported in pursuing Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) credits from his learning experiences gained prior to joining the Goddard community.

He works as the Program Coordinator for Hope For Youth El Centro De La Raza, where he is Teacher/Coordinator and Co-Founder of the Youth Civil Rights History and Hip Hop Poetry Curriculum in the Seattle Public Schools and serves as a Mentor/Coach for Youth Services Staff providing cultural enrichment, academic counseling, service learning and college readiness to approximately six-hundred students annually.

“It has been a wonderful journey and I have become a joyful learner,” says Alex. Here is more about his Goddard experience in Alex’s own words:

“As I continue to work on my degree, my studies will continue to evolve as I later would like to transition into the Master’s program and eventually the Teacher Certification. Since I have worked as a curriculums teacher coordinator with El Centro de la Raza and the Seattle Public Schools for the past 14 years, I genuinely have a passion for understanding the educational process of students and to find strategies that improve upon student learning and best practices in integrating culture and community as part of the learning process.

As my former Program Advisor and Mentor, David “Doc” Frisby, always encouraged me to dig deeper and to create an awareness among others about how education can become a liberatory process for oneself, particularly for students working with historically oppressed communities. Doc encouraged us to educate ourselves and others about the barriers that poverty creates and how it affects young people from reaching their true potential in education.”

Alex recently presented and lead a “Poverty in Education” session at the Fall 2013 Seattle Residency. Click here to view a copy of his presentation outline.